Effects of Behavioral Coaching on Exercise Behavior and Adherence


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Effects of Behavioral Coaching on Exercise Behavior and Adherence


Mias, Jessica R.




Optimal health outcomes are positively correlated with regular exercise, yet nearly one-quarter of adults in the United States reportedly do not participate in physical activity during their free time. The purpose of the current study was to evaluate the effects of gradually faded behavioral coaching for increasing both physical activity frequency and duration during the study, and to evaluate maintenance of treatment effects post-intervention. Participants were divided into two groups, matched according to age and body mass index. One group received behavioral coaching once per week for the duration of the intervention and the other group experienced gradual fading of behavioral coaching. Results showed an increase in frequency and duration of exercise for participants in both groups from baseline to intervention. A statistically significant difference was found in the duration of activity between groups; the continuous coaching group decreased the duration of physical activity more than the faded coaching group in the follow-up period, however no statistically significant difference was found in frequency between groups during that period. Additionally, no statistically significant difference was found between the faded coaching group and continuous coaching group from post-intervention to follow-up, suggesting that the 12-week faded coaching and continuous coaching interventions were equally effective for maintaining physical activity behavior. Results showed individuals in both groups decreased physical activity post-intervention to follow-up. Implications of the results and future research are discussed.


behavioral coaching, goal setting, increasing physical activity, self-monitoring, exercise adherence, physical activity, maintenance of physical activity


Simmons University (Boston, Mass.)


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