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SGA 1916.jpg
The Student Government Association Council, c. 1916

Microcosm Staff.jpg
Microcosm staff working on an edition of the yearbook

The first issue of the Simmons News, Oct. 8, 1923

Simmons Review members work on issue c1950.jpg
Simmons Review members work on an issue, c. 1950

Simmons news staff in office c1959.jpg
Simmons News staff in their office, c. 1959

Our Little Black Book auction 1981.jpg
Our Little Black Book auction, c. 1981

Microcosm staff reviewing yearbook 1959.jpg
Microcosm staff reviewing the yearbook, c. 1959

Janus Staff c1963.jpg
Janus staff, c. 1963

Students attend a USSA assembly in 1946.jpg
Students attend a USSA assembly, c. 1946

SGA officers 1990.jpg
SGA officers, c. 1990
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