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May King Marjorie Burroughs ('62) feeding May Queen Grace Richardson ('60) breakfast during May Day ceremony.

Students dancing around the May Pole during May Day ceremony. Large group of students gathered around to watch. View of Brookline House in background.

May Queen and her court enjoy the May Day celebration. Despite rain this year, the celebration is held inside the Refectory.

May Queen and her court in procession near Evans Hall during May Day ceremony.

May Queen and King pose with the court after a successful May Day tree planting ceremony.

An unidentified man and his portable tea cart, set-up near Refectory, serves students during the May Day breakfast.

May Queen and her court watching tree-planting ceremony during the May Day celebration.

Sophomores serenade seniors of Brick House during the early morning hours, marking the start of the May Day celebration.

May Queen and her court look on as May King plants a tree near an unidentified dormitory during one of the first instances of the tree planting tradition of May Day.

Unidentified students performing the May Pole Dance during May Day ceremony on Simmons College Residence Campus. Students can be seen standing on top of colonnade to get a better view of the dance.
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