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Sophmore students would sing songs such as "May Day Breakfast" in the early morning hours to upperclass students, calling them to join the May Day celebration.

Microcosm review of May Day events from 1931 with photograph of unidentified student enjoying strawberry shortcake, a staple of the May Day breakfast at Simmons College.

An anonymous prose piece in response to receiving their May Day Baskets from the Freshmen class published in The Simmons News newsletter after the 1924 May Day celebration.

Invitation from the Sophomore class of 2007 to join the 93rd celebration of May Day at Simmons College

Students dance around May Pole during the 1999 May Day celebration on Simmons College's Residence Campus. 1999 marked the centennial of Simmons College's founding.

Students perform the May dance around the May Pole as fellow students look on.

Students dancing around May Pole during May Day ceremony on the quad of Simmons College Residence Campus.

Students dancing around the May Pole during May Day, 1968.

Students dancing around May Pole during May Day ceremony as protestors look on with their signs. Showing support for their professors, student protestors carry signs with such sayings as, "A Prof that's praised is a Prof that stays".

In solidarity with Simmons' professors, students participate in a peaceful protest during the May Day celebration.
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