The Beginning @ Simmons


Students relax during the first May Day Breakfast at Simmons College, 1912

1912. Boston.

Ten years into the life of Simmons College and the stage was set by an ambitious Sophomore class to start what would become the longest running tradition here at Simmons, the annual May Day celebration.

Embarking in a new century filled with unknown technologies and ever complicated social issues, the traditions of community building were forefront in the mind of Simmons students, Bostonians, and the nation as a whole. This is not unlike the world we face today. Yes we have advanced in some areas, fallen back in others but it is our desire to belong to a community that reigns as true today as it did back in 1912. Starting as a way to not only celebrate the coming of spring, May Day was a way to honor the senior class as they embarked on their lives beyond Simmons. 


Sophomore students dance around the May Pole during first May Day celebration at Simmons College, 1912

Sophomores singing in the dormitories at 6am to awaken the Senior class, dancing around a Maypole and a strawberry shortcake breakfasts might seem like simply a fun afternoon but the May Day celebration is much more than a single day event. It was and continues to be a venue for bringing the Simmons College community together, to strengthen the bonds of self with our past and future communities and to engage in important discussions.

The Beginning @ Simmons