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Invitation to the 2005 May Day Celebration at Simmons College

The May Day tradition at Simmons college is still alive and well in 2016. Today, students are enthusiastic and hopeful about the tradition and how their participation will live on for future classes. 

May Day is a tradition that transcends time. For me, May Day is a fantastic way to celebrate the closing of another year of school and a great way to relax right before the stress finals week. It is an event not only focused on the love that the students have at Simmons College, but also on the compassion that students have for environmental concerns. As a student body that is actively seeking to express ourselves, May Day is looked forward to every year. Even the themes that are picked always reflect what is on the students' minds, such as Sustainability (2015) and "Bee Beautiful" (2016). May Day is the ultimate way for the Sophomore class to express their gratitude to the Senior class for sharing their wisdom and as a way to celebrate their accomplishment of graduation! The memory of May Day is not one easily forgotten!

- Maggie Belfi, Class of 2018 Secretary

The Future